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Taska Genius Perpaduan was established under the 2009 National Economic Resilience Reinforcement Package which placed Jabatan Perpaduan Negara dan Integrasi (JPNIN) as the government agency overlooking the activities of program.

In a decision made by the Cabinet on 24 October 2008, JPNIN was instructed to open 15 Taska Genius Perpaduan in 2009 with the following objectives:

  • To expand the aesthetic and creativity abilities
  • To inculcate the sense of curiosity through one’s senses
  • To develop physical ability and hygienic practices as well as sense of safety
  • To expand one’s personality towards the development of positive traits

Taska Genius Perpaduan offers early education services that focuses on fostering children under the age of 4, of which, offers the following unique characteristics:

  • Using the Permata Negara Curriculum
  • Emphasize the fun aspect of parenting and education
  • Conducive infrastructure facilities
  • Appropriate learning materials
  • Comprehensive training to educators
  • Educators with at least a diploma
  • Educators must follow the Kursus Asas Permata (KAP)
  • Highly encouraging parental involvement
  • Integrated implementation of care
  • Nurture and educate children by touching on aspects of unity and patriotism

Till now, there are 160 educators and 78 educator assistants in 41 Unity Genius Nurseries throughout the country. The distribution of Taska Genius Perpaduan is as follows: