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Voluntary Patrol Scheme (SRS) is a scheme applied by a group of residents in a particular Neighbourhood Watch Area that consists of at least 20 members aged 18 and above.

This scheme was officially launched on 21st February 2004 in Penang. The Meeting of Cabinet Ministers on 14th April 2004 decided to expand SRS across the country.

The main objective of the establishment of this scheme was to assist the authorities to curb criminal activities and social problems in the local communities. The application to operate this scheme must be proposed to the committee of the Neighbourhood Watch Area or Committee of Registration Sector.

The roles of the Neighbourhood Watch Area in maintaining the safety and security has strengthened when this scheme was recognized and promoted as the main workforce in the National Key Result Areas initiative, i.e., to enhance the safety and security and prevent crimes under GRP and cooperate with PDRM and RELA as well as the local authorities.





Patrolling the area gazetted by the Neighbourhood Watch Area Committee.


Guarding the Center of the Area at anytime determined by the Director.


Guarding any premises, places, or locations within the Area as required by the Director.




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Guide Book of Operating SRS


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Application may be made via : on-line or manual as follows :

  1. Go to, click on Citizen Tab.​

    • Click on the Application for Permohonan Penubuhan Skim Rondaan Sukarela.
    • Then click PERPADUAN Information System.
    • Then click Skim Rondaan Sukarela.
      • The form of Permohonan Penubuhan Skim Rondaan Sukarela will be displayed.
      • Please fill in all the required information.
      • Once complete, click Submit.
      • Statement of Permohonan Penubuhan Skim Rondaan Sukarela will be displayed.
      • The application will then be processed by the Unity Officer of related district.
  • Alternatively, for manual please dial 03-88837000 and request to be transferred to Social Relationship & Neighbourhood Division (Bahagian Perhubungan Masyarakat & Kejiranan). . The information will be recorded by the officer in charge and the next process will be taken over by District Unity Officer.

Q: What is the Voluntary Patrol Scheme (SRS)?

A: The requirements to set up Voluntary Patrol Scheme (SRS) are as follows :

  • There should demands from at least 20 people living in the Neighbourhood Watch Area.
  • Above 18 years old.
  • Malaysia Resident. Non-Resident can involved in the Voluntary Patrol Scheme (SRS) subject that he must own a valid travelling document.

Q: How to set up the Voluntary Patrol Scheme (SRS) in my residency area?

A: Voluntary Patrol Scheme (SRS) can be applied at least 20 people, 18 years old and above and living in Neighbourhood Watch Area by completing the Section A Form Six which can be obtained from District/Division of Unity Office in all states.

The complete application form can be submitted to the Neighbourhood Watch Committee Chairman for signing off and next The Chairman will sent the application form to the District/Division Unity Officer for review before it is send to State Unity Director for support and finally approval from Neighbourhood Watch Chief of Directors (Ketua Pengarah PERPADUAN).

Q: How long it takes to approve the Voluntary Patrol Scheme (SRS)?

A: If all the information was deemed true, correct and accurate, thus, approval can be granted within a week from the date of the application arrived at the headquarter’s office.

Q: How to operate patrolling activities?

A: Patrolling members can refer to the Guide Book of Operating SRS for the method and procedure to conduct patrol activities.

Q: Are the patrolling parties under the Voluntary Patrol Scheme (SRS) are eligible for work leave after the completing of patrolling duties?

A: Civil servants who patrol from 12pm for at least four (4) hours qualify for relief of four (4) hours from Head of Department. However, those who are employed in the private sectors may ask for the relief from their employers.

Q: Does the patrol equipment provided to the patrols during the duties?

A: The Patrol members who are on duty will be given a vest, cap, torchlight, whistle, light baton, first-aid kit, rattan and raincoat. These equipments will be stored by the Scheme Committee.

Q: What type of authority of the patrols while doing their duties?

A: According to the Peraturan 27I [Peraturan-Peraturan Perlu (Rukun Tetangga) 1975 (Pindaan) 1988], patrols are equivalent to a constable police officer, carrying out tasks limited to the directives and control of Director, Scheme Committee And Scheme Committee Members.

Q: What type of protection given to the patrol members if incidental situation that occurs such accident or injury?

A: Patrols are permitted to perform citizen arrest as stated under the Section 27 Kanun Prosedur Jenayah i.e. to arrest any individuals who committed arrestable crimes and cannot be bailed out, that happened in his/her sight, and to hand/turn over the criminals to the nearest police station.

Q: What type of protection given to the patrol members if incidental situation that occurs such accident or injury?

A: All the Voluntary Patrol Scheme (SRS) patrol members are protected 24 hours with insurance with the following benefits:

  • Death caused by accident = RM 19,000.00
  • Permanent disability caused by accident = = RM 19,000.00
  • Medical expenses (maximum) = RM 500.00
  • Hospital Daily Allowance = RM 20.00 per day (maximum 30 days)
  • Death Khairat (caused by accident) = RM 1000.00

Q: How to establish a Voluntary Patrol Scheme?

A: Referring to the Akta Rukun Tetangga 2012 – Section 15, SRS is a core program under the Neighbourhood Watch (RT). This means that any living area that needs SRS has to establish a RT first. The SRS application comes from the residents to the Committee Member of Neighbourhood Watch (AJKRT) to be minuted before further processing by the District Unity Officer.

Q: Who to contact regarding the Neighbourhood Watch Area and Voluntary Patrol Scheme?

A: For Voluntary Patrol Scheme :-

En. Mohd Fazli Bin Ibrahim

Email :

Tel : 03-8883 7164