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Corporate Division FAQ

  1. What is Corporate Division?
    The Corporate Division is one of the divisions under the Planning division whereby there are 4 units under it namely the International Relation, Promotion and Publishing Unit, Psychological operation and the Customer Service Unit.
  2. What is the Public Relation’s role?
    The role of International Relation Unit is to identify Country and association for the two-way and multi-way cooperation in unity management as well as to increase networking with the international agencies inside or outside the country for expertise information exchange and cooperation that can be implemented in unity management and international relation aspect. This unit also involved in selecting department’s representatives to participate in the international conference such as Human Right Commission Alliance Of Civilizations Durban Convention and other related conferences to upgrade the Country image through an effective involvement in the seminar, workshop, conference, convention and others in promoting Malaysia as a proper relationship management centre and creating a unity among multiracial society. Encouraging and enhancing the relationship and two-way visit exchange by arranging work trip to the developed and developing countries in related programmes to be an exemplary to Malaysia. This division is responsible in preparation to receive and welcome the visitors as required. Other role or responsibility is managing matters related to public complaint.
  3. What is the role of Promotion and Publishing Unit?
    The role of Promotion and Publishing Unit is to cultivate the unity of the culture in this country through promotion and publicity. It’s depends on the activity and promotion which require organised and strategic planning for a maximum result or impact toward the target group besides publishing the department magazines. This unit also responsible in ensuring a two way communication between department and outside agencies regardless of individuals, groups or departmental bodies that can contribute to the department objectives. Therefore, this division will be focusing on the involvement and roles as well as responsibilities of non-government bodies and corporate bodies that intended to participate in the National unity Culture. A more focused and strategic approach played by this division in ensuring the corporate involvement in smart partnership concept with more effective and beneficial to each other such as organisation, seminar, colloquium and others.
  4. What is the role of Customer Service Unit?
    The Customer Service Unit is responsible in matters related to the public complaint either by letter or email and also other matters related to the customer by giving satisfaction to those dealing with the department.
  5. What is the frequency of visits received from overseas every year?
    In average, the department received 10 visits from overseas.
  6. How to submit queries and complaint?
    Queries can be submitted to the department through telephone, email or letter.
  7. Why does delegation from overseas choose the Unity Department as one of the departments to be visited?
    The delegations that choose the Unity Department is to find out the functions and implementation of the programme that able to unite the multi-races people.
  8. Does the PERPADUAN activity received involvement from overseas?
    The department’s activity co-joint with NGO or higher institution from Outside the Countries especially related to the international issues.
  9. What is the email address for making complaints?
    Complaint can be email to aduan [at] perpaduan [dot] gov [dot] my