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Unity Kindergarten FAQ

  1. What is the process and methods to implement Unity Kindergarten class opening?

    • The application from Neighbourhood Watch Area.
    • Visit to the Premise to evaluate & asses the class suitability.
    • Require certification and submit to State Unity Office.
    • Require certification and submit to the PERPADUAN Headquarter.
    • The Committee Meeting of Unity Kindergarten Class Opening Selection.
    • To inform receive/reject to the State Unity Office for further action.
  2. What is the specialty or advantages of Unity Kindergarten compared to other Kindergarten?

    • Unity Kindergarten have experience since 1976.
    • Has about 1593 classes of Unity Kindergarten all over Malaysia.
    • Instil good and unity values through multi-racialism.
    • Based on Federal Constitution and Rukunegara Principles.
    • Applying National Pre-School Curriculum.
    • A creative, innovative & trained Teacher & Assistant Teacher.
    • Monitored by the District Unity Officer & Neighbourhood Watch Community.
    • A Unity Kindergarten Coordinator Committee (JPTP) consisting from the Parent.
  3. Who is the appropriate person to be contacted to obtain further information related to the Unity Kindergarten class implementation and operational?

    • District Unity Office – District Unity Officer Daerah @ Assistant Officer.
    • State Unity Office – Kindergarten Unit Officer, Operation Division.
    • Headquarters – Kindergarten Unit Officer, Community Development Division.
  4. What is the role of Unity Kindergarten Coordinating Committee?

    • To assist Teacher/Assistant Teacher related to the Unity Kindergarten.
    • To assist in the class welfare and child care.
    • Together in running the unity-related activity.
    • Together in keeping the class cleanliness, decoration & safety.
  5. What are the rules or selection criteria to become Unity Kindergarten children?

    • Parent’s income less than RM 1,500.00.
    • Priority given to 6 year old children
    • Multi-racial.