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The Office of Chief of Directors

Divisions that are involved under the responsibility of the Chief of Directors, Department of National Unity and Integration, are:

Service Management Division consists of:

  1. Human Resource​

    1. Organizational Development Unit​

      • To inspect warrant PERJAWATAN/list of PERJAWATAN of the current year and to plan employment based on the number of approved PERJAWATAN;
      • To strategize the structural plan/PENGUKUHAN PERJAWATAN JPNIN in every five (5) years time;
      • To implement the intake, appointment, posting, and staff exchange in the Department;
      • To conduct the examination that involves the department’s subject and Promotion based on Appointment (PSL); and
      • To conduct various courses with regards to service confirmation, e.g. Mind Transformation Program, or other courses such as the essential annual 7-day-courses.
    2. Service, Competency and Conduct Unit​

      • To conduct the basic service matters those involve service confirmation, extension of trial period for confirmation in service, Pension Status Award, and retirement;
      • To conduct the PEMANGKUAN and promotion matters;
      • To conduct matters related to annual salary increment and Excellent Service Award;
      • To handle matters related to the officers’ conduct until the final decision granted from the Civil Service Board of Conduct; and
      • To handle other matters related to service such as emolument, allowance, and PERKS, and leave.
    3. Contract Unit​

      • To handle matters related to service of the contract officers involving intake, appointment, renewal, exchange, and end of service contract; and
      • To handle matters related to the service of the contract officers such as emolument, allowance, and PERKS, and leave.
    4. HRMIS Unit​

      • To handle and update the PERJAWATAN data, service profile and officer’s personal profile in the main module of HRMIS system whenever there are new appointments and officer’s exchange;
      • To monitor and update the PENYELIAAN PATH in the HRMIS system to ease any other matters e.g. performance evaluation and leave approval; and
      • To monitor the update of the main module and submodule of HRMIS system e.g. Wealth Declaration, Annual Work Target (SKT), and the Report of Annual Performance Evaluation (LNPT).


  1. Management of Finance and Development

    1. Finance Unit​

      • To provide/produce warrant for minor allocation to all PTJ.
      • To handle REALLOCATION.
      • To handle all sorts of payments e.g. bills/invoice, claims/advancement/others.
      • To handle profit collection/return payment
      • Provision and payment of salary.
      • To monitor the conduct of finance management of Department and State, audit, and inspectorate.
      • To provide the statement of vot account ADJUSTMENT, AMANAH and HASIL as well as other financial reports.
      • To provide financial report and the Report of Financial Management Committee and Quarter Year Account.
      • To process and manage advancement and others.
      • To process the application of vehicle and computer loan for the approval of the Department of the Prime Minister/Treasury
      • To provide the Estimate of Managing Budget and to coordinate a Meeting for Budget Screening.
      • To monitor the performance of the Managing Expenses and Department’s Development.
      • To monitor, coordinate performance framework of EFFICACY/EFFECTIVENESS.
    2. Procurement Unit

      • To receive, to scrutinize and to process the application of Local Order (LO) received from departments/units.
      • To handle the department’s procurement through direct purchase, quotation, tender, and direct negotiation.
      • To handle the department’s WARAN PERJALANAN UDARA AWAM (WPUA)
      • To check and process the application of approval for the budget of programs.
      • To handle the application of rate approval from the Ministry of Finance for the procurements involving rate approval.
      • To monitor the report of headquarter’s TANGGUNGAN BELUM SELESAI and all PTJ.
      • To monitor the report of 75% usage of the Department’s eProcurement System.
      • To monitor the headquarter’s eBidding implementation performance report and all PTJ.
      • To monitor the headquarter’s Government Procurement Information System (GPIS) and all PTJ.
      • To manage and administer the contracts for the scheduled service or procurement.
    3. Development Unit

      • To provide the estimation for the department’s Budget of Development Projects.
      • To ensure the annual allocation of the department’s development projects is wisely spent in accordance with the MARGINAL procedures.
      • To ensure the planning of the projects-department’s development projects are implemented in accordance with the agreed/said/appointed/determined policy, implemented within the ceiling and to identify the problems of the projects as well as to identify issues those require prompt solutions.
      • To coordinate matters related to the appointment of consultation i.e. Public Work Department (JKR) for the development projects at departmental level for the purpose of MASTER STUDY PLAN.
      • To evaluate the suggestions by JKR as well as to organize financial consultation with JKR, and to coordinate agreements/deals to be signed for department’s development project if deemed necessary.
      • To implement and coordinates all department’s development projects including the projects implemented by the agency PELAKSANA.
      • To coordinate rising/unsettled issues related to the implementation of the department’s development projects that includes coordination with state, technical agencies, and companies involved.
      • To coordinate and scrutinize the application of repair/IMPROVEMENT/MAINTENANCE from the states for the improvement/maintenance works of Unity Kindergarten (TP)/ Neighbourhood Watch Centre (PRT) /Unity Activity Centre (PAP) for allocation distribution.
      • To conduct technical verication for the application of repair/improvement/maintenance of TP/PRT/PAP.
      • Responsible to prepare/provide the PARLIAMENTARY MATTERS and cabinet related to the department’s development projects.


  1. Administrative and Asset ​

    1. Administrative Unit​

      • All matters related to the usage and maintenance of departmet’s vehicles.
      • All matters related to letters.
      • All matters related to files/documents.
      • All matters related to security.
      • All matters related to restoration of office’s tools/equipment.
      • All matters related to cleanliness of the offices.
      • To handle all applications of individual trips/visits to overseas.
      • To handle the booking of meeting rooms.
      • Library.
      • To manage office’s vehicles.
      • To handle the applications related to new/extension of office space rental, and new/extension of Unity Kindergarten classes.
      • To organize the Departmental Meetings (MBJ).
    2. Asset Management Unit​

      • To manage government’s MOBILE ASSET and department’s store.
      • To handle the application related to asset purchase, reception, registration, usage, keeping/storing, inspection, maintenance, PELUPUSAN, lost, and HAPUS KIRA.
      • To handle the applications related to the purchase of office equipment, reception, registration, KEEPING/STORING, WITHDRAWAL, inspection, security/safety, cleanliness, PELUPUSAN, lost, and HAPUS KIRA.
      • To handle and ensure the management of store implemented accordingly, efficient and effective to make sure that the stock is ready when needed and according to customer’s need, and the stock quality is guaranteed in accordance with the Pekeliling Perbendaharaan Bilangan 5 Tahun 2009: Tatacara Pengurusan Stor Kerajaan.
      • To handle matters related to the appointment of EXAMINER, LEMBAGA PEMERIKSA PELUPUSAN and Investigation Committee.
      • Organizer for the Meeting of Government’s Committee of Asset Management (JKPAK).


  1. Information Technology (CTM)

    • Responsible to manage, update, and coordinate the website and to ensure the website is fully functional.
    • Responsible to plan, develop, and manage the new application system and maintain the existing application system of JPNIN to fulfill the current needs.
    • Responsible to plan and enhance the ICT infrastructure needs of JPNIN.
    • Responsible to provide technical assistance, consultation, ICT security as well as trainings related to IT to the users at JPNIN.
    • Responsible to repair/maintain/restore the department’s ICT equipment.


(III) National Integration Research and Training Institute (IKLIN)

  • To provide quality training for the officers of the Department as well as the Department’s Target Group i.e. members of the Neighbourhood Watch.
  • To focus in-house producing trainers who will train and conduct training with higher quality.
  • Aim to be Service Delivery Friend especially in the sector of Unity Education and to be the champion in enculturalizing unity among the Malaysian in general.
  • To coordinate studies that have been granted to the selected researchers of Public and Private Universities. Findings from the studies conducted can be utilized as the reference in dealing with related issues of national unity and integration.


(IV) Integrity Unit

  1. Governance​

    • To ensure good governance is applied in the Department.
  2. Integrity Enhancement
    • To ensure enculturation of integrity awareness, appreciation and practice in the Department through various programme and activities.
  3. Detection and Verification​
    • To detect and verify complaints of misconduct and ethics in the Department and to suggest follow-up actions to be taken.
  4. Complaints Management
             To receive and act on complaints related to misconduct, corruption or ethics in the Department.
  5. Compliance
    To ensure Department’s compliance to the rule of law.



The Office of Deputy Chief of Directors (Planning)

Under the supervision of Deputy Chief of Director (Planning), Department of National Unity and Integration. Three (3) divisions involved are:

  1. Policy and Planning Division

    • To coordinate parliamentary affairs related to House of Representatives and Senate.
    • To coordinate matters related to Cabinet Meeting papers.
    • To receive and prepare feedbacks for Post-Cabinet & Cabinet Meetings
    • To receive and prepare feedbacks on received motions from Government Agencies / related stakeholders.
    • To prepare speech for Parlimentary Session Opening Ceremony every year.
    • To plan and formulate Department’s Strategic Planning.
    • Secretariat for Morning Prayers Meeting with Minister.
  2. Unity Management Division

    • To detect, monitor and identify issues/incidents that potentially disrupts national harmony and unity.
    • To ensure all risky areas at level Green every time of the year.
    • To ensure Societal Stress Index not exceeding 18 million cases per 1 million residents through intervention programmes.
    • To coordinate implementation of Community Mediators Conference programme.
    • To prepare Community Harmony Issues Detection Report monthly to Minister and quarterly to the Cabinet.
    • To execute public engagements with the stakeholders through round table discussions.
    • Secretariat for the Technical Committee, International Convention on The Elimination of All Form of Racial Discrimination (ICERD).
  3. Religion Affairs Division

    • To maintain, improve and strengthen relationships between various religious bodies.
    • To identify and monitor interfaith issues.
    • To provide platforms for discourse and dialogue for interfaith issues and resolution.
    • To coordinate implementations of programme and activitites to improve understanding amongst religious adherents.
    • To act as joint secretariat for the Committee for Promotion of Understanding and Harmony Amongst Religious Adherents (JKMPKA)

The Office of Deputy Chief of Directors (Operation)

Under the supervision of Deputy Chief of Director (Operation), Department of National Unity and National Integration. Two (2) divisions involved are:

Social Relationship and Neighbourhood Division (PMK) consists of three (3) units:

  1. Community Development Unit

    • To implement the effort of cultivating, maintaining and enhancing unity within the community through Neighbourhood Watch (RT) programmes and neighbourhood activities.
    • To plan and implement Neighbourhood Watch programmes as a social engineering in community development.
  2. Community Safety Unit
    • To plan and conduct community safety programmes through Voluntary Patrol Scheme (SRS).
  3. Community Service Unit

    • To build and develop cooperation network in implementing community service programmes.


Social Unity & National Integration Division (KSIN) consists of five (5) units which are:

  1. Unity Promotion Unit

    • To plan and conduct programs related to community activities that can strengthen the racial/ethnic relationships and can cultivate/instill/inculcate the spirit of patriotism within the people toward achieving national unity and national integration.
    • To inculcate the values of citizenship and brotherhood among the people toward the development of one nation of Malaysia that are united.
  2. National Affairs Unit

    • Responsible to plan, coordinate, and monitor the establishment of National Pillars Club at the primary and secondary schools. Secretariat for National Pillars at IPTA, IPTS, matriculation colleges, community colleges, and polytechnics in the country.
    • The implementation of My Rukun Negara program is a special program conducted under Kelab Rukun Negara (KRN) and Sekreteriat Rukun Negara (SRN). The main objective of the My Rukun Negara program is to increase the knowledge, understanding, appreciation, and application by students about the principles of National Pillars in daily life.
  3. National Integration Unit

    • Responsible to plan and implement national integration program that conduct activities related to community relationship to strengthen the racial relationship among the territories toward achieving national unity and national integration.
    • To maintain, cultivate, and elevate the community relationship and national integration in Malaysia efficiently and effectively.
  4. Ethnic Relationship Unit

    • To conduct clients and stakeholders’ needs studies to design activities that promote ethnic relationship.
    • To design, plan, implement, monitor, coordinate and evaluate the ethnic relationship promotion activities through social network.
    • To prepare Notice, Cabinet Memorandum, and feedback related to ethnic relationship.
    • To prepare Evaluation Report of The Effectiveness of social network activities periodically based on the Indeks perhubungan masyarakat (Community Relationship index) and Prosedur Pengurusan Aktiviti Perpaduan/02/JPNIN.
    • To coordinate discussion/seminar/convention/colloquium related to ethnic relationship with cooperation from KITA.
    • To handle and coordinate activities requested by Non-Government Organization (NGO), volunteers, and private sectors.
    • To monitor social network activities with NGO/volunteers.
  5. Unity Education Unit

    • To cultivate and inculcate unity values among children, parents, and local communities through pre-school educational activities and co-curriculum toward developing knowledgeable and honorable generation in accordance with 1 Malaysia framework.