Reduce Global Warming






Introduces Rukun Negara to students so in order for them to appreciate and understand the philosophy and principles of the Rukun Negara



Increases students' awareness and understanding of the importance of Rukun Negara for the country



Enhances appreciation of the embraced religion



Instills the principles contained in the Rukun Negara among students



Educates students to understand, appreciate and practice the Rukun Negara



Improves understanding and respect for the culture, customs and taboos of the races in Malaysia.




Instills and enhances unity among the students based on mutual trust, mutual respect, tolerance and cooperation among the races



  • The Kelab Rukun Negara (KRN) formed in the schools will implement various activities focused on knowledge enrichment, understanding, appreciation, and practice of Rukun Negara among school students.
  • Apart from the objective to introduce/expose and to instill awareness among the school students about the importance of Rukun Negara, this club will also be one of the main strategies toward strengthening the unity spirit and national integration among the students of various races.

Indeed, our country Malaysia aspires to achieving a greater unity for all her peoples :

  • Maintaining a democratic way of life ;
  • Creating a just society in which the wealth of the nation shall be equitably shared ;
  • Ensuring a liberal approach to her rich and diverse cultural traditions, and ;
  • Building a progressive society which shall be oriented to modern science and technology;

We, the people of Malaysia, pledge our united efforts to attain these ends, guided by these principles :

  • Belief in God
  • Loyalty to King and country
  • Supremacy of the constitution
  • Rule of Law
  • Good behavior and morality

A) Trust

  1. Unified Country

    • We support the ambition to create a nation and a country in which members of the community consider themselves as Malaysians regardless of their respective races or beliefs and religions. Malaysia is made up of different races with different sets of issues. The situations are made more complex with some of the economic groups comprising of certain groups and coincidentally found in certain areas.
    • The society is further subdivided by generation gaps so glaringly that close relationship between the generations becomes more difficult to be implemented. From these different elements, however, we aspire to form a united Nation and Country in which the feeling of loyalty and love for the nation and the Country is undivided, consistent with the Constitution that is above the loyalty to any other parties.
    • We uphold the ideals of maintaining a system of government in which the member states join in a coalition government in which the national objectives will be pursued in accordance with the protection of the rights of the state governments.
  2. Democratic Societies
    • We support the ambition to maintain a democratic way of life where the power ultimately rests with people who acted via Parliament and subsequently appointed through the Constitution. We all consider ourselves as Malaysians regardless of our respective ethnicity or beliefs and religions. In our system, the importance of language and country must come first.
    • The overall interests should prevail over the interests of a party because if it does not, the national stability and security will be in jeopardy. Our Constitution guarantees fundamental rights and freedom of political activities as long as they do not violate the Country’s Laws, but these rights must not be abused in the name of democracy to incite racism or to destroy democracy.
  3. Just Society
    • We support the ambition to create a just society in which all members have an equal opportunity to enjoy the wealth of the Country. A just society would exist if the wealth of the Country is distributed fairly. To achieve this goal, it is important for the weak and less fortunate to be given assistance in order for them to compete on par with other parties.
    • The just society which we aspire to have must be free from oppression caused by a person to another.
  4. Liberal society
    • We support the ambition to preserve the existence and development of a liberal society in which the society are free to choose religion, customs and culture of their own in line with the interests of national unity.
    • The nation and indeed Malaysia has a rich and varied culture. We aspire to create a society in which the different cultures may become beneficial and a source of strength to the nation and our country Malaysia.
  5. Progressive Community
    • We support the ambition to establish a progressive society, which stays abreast with the progress of science and technology in addition to practising religious values. The world is witnessing revolutionary changes in scientific knowledge and technology.
    • The progressive society we aspire to have is one which moves dynamically in sync with the progress of science and technology, and not diverting out of religious values.


B) Principles

  1. Belief in God

    • The People and Nation were established based on our strong faith in God. It is indeed in the name of God that the People and Nation were established as a sovereign People and Nation.
    • Islam is the official religion of the Federation. Other religions and faiths can be practised in peace and harmony and the act of discriminating a citizen in the name of a religion is forbidden.
  2. Loyalty to the King and Country
    • Malaysia is a Country which practises constitutional monarchy and His Majesty the Yang di-Pertuan Agong is the Head of a Sovereign Country.
    • The monarchy system is in line with the status of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong as a Constitutional Ruler, whereby Their Royal Highnesses the Kings are the heads of their respective states. His Majesty the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, the Kings and Governors are symbols of unity therefore, His Majesty is not involved in politics. Loyalty is demanded from the citizens through sincere devotion.
    • In addition, the Kings' people must also be devoted to their respective Kings and not compromising their devotion towards the Yang di-Pertuan Agong and the Federal Government. Loyalty is the soul of the nation. Sincere loyalty towards the Rulers and the nation is that which unites various races into an integrated Nation.
    • Loyalty towards other Countries is contrary to the undivided loyalty towards our Nation.
  3. Supremacy of the Constitution
    • Citizenship endows one a sense of belonging to the country. The Constitution grants certain rights and privileges to a citizen; the Constitution also places certain responsibilities and obligations toward the Nation and Country. Every citizen is required to respect and appreciate the content, meaning and history of the Constitution.
    • It is the history which has enshrined a number of clauses in the Constitution such as those pertaining to the status of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong and the Kings, Islam as the official religion, Bahasa Melayu as the national and official language, the privileges of the Malays and other native communities as well as the granting of citizenship.
    • It is a noble and solemn responsibility for a citizen to preserve and uphold the Constitution.
  4. Sovereignty of the Law
    • Justice is based on the sovereignty of the law. All citizens are equal in the eyes of law. freedom is guaranteed for all. This includes individual freedom, equal legal protection, freedom of religion, freedom to own assets and protection against banishment. The Constitution provides the right for a citizen to speak up, the right to assemble and the right to form associations.
    • These rights can be exercised freely provided that it does not contravene the restrictions imposed by the law. The rights and freedom guaranteed by the Constitution exclude the right to topple the Government either forcibly or by unconstitutional means.
    • Sovereignty of the law is guaranteed with the existence of an independent judiciary body and the power to decide whether the conduct of a ruler is legal or otherwise in accordance with the Constitution.
  5. Courtesy and Morality
    • Each person or group of people is required to handle their own affairs by ways which do not contravene morality.
    • Morality condemns arrogance or conducts which offend others. A citizen is not supposed to question the loyalty of another citizen based on his/her ancestry. Being courteous also carries a high degree of morality in our individual and public lives.



The Principal/Headmaster must appoint Sponsor Committee at their respective schools.

The Sponsor Committee must present an application of Rukun Negara Club establishment at their respective schools.

Upon approval from the registrar, this Principal/Headmaster, Committee must call for a general meeting to form Rukun Negara Club and select its committee members.

The Sponsor Committee must be dissolved after the formation of Schools Rukun Negara Club Committee through the general meeting.

The Committee must present reports in writing to Principal/Headmaster within 14 days and details as follow:-

  • Club constitution;
  • List of Committee Members and minutes of general meeting;
  • List of club main activities; and
  • Financial Report.

Rukun Negara Club Committee must hold at least 3 meetings in a year.

Q: Can international students become Rukun Negara Club members?

A: No, it is strictly only for Malaysian citizen.

Q: What are the activities that can be implemented by Rukun Negara Club?

A: The activities that can be carried out are according to guidelines contained in the KRN Guide Book.

Q: Who is the contact person for Rukun Negara Club?


  • Mr. Mohd Shahril Rahizad bin Md. Rohani,

    Email:mohdshahril [at] perpaduan [dot] gov [dot] my

    Tel : 03-8883 7165